Our Story

          Bijan Royal, Inc. began as a mere American dream of entrepreneurship for a young Bijan Nassi, the founder and current CEO of the New York-based antiques and prop rental enterprise. Hailing from a Persian family living in Tehran, Nassi gathered his savings and decided to pursue his ambitions by moving to New York City in 1960, transforming his dreams of success into a reality.

          After spending a fair amount of time working on repairing merchandise at a small gallery on the west side of Manhattan, he realized that he had a knack for handy work and bringing the broken items he encountered back to life, restoring their vibrant antique qualities. His handcraft work with repairs allowed him to elevate his business, renting his own basement repair shop on East 12th Street in Greenwich Village–at the heart of the thriving antiques community of the early 1960s. With the opening of his humble repair shop, Royal Antiques was born–an underdog incarnation of today’s Bijan Royal at its earliest stages.

          As the antiques market flourished in New York throughout the 1960s, American dealers began buying and selling abroad, engaging in the greater international business of importing and exporting merchandise. The floors of Royal Antiques were full after the shipments from Paris were received. It wasn’t long before they needed a larger space to house their growing inventory and the opportunity to expand was right around the corner.

          Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Bijan Royal grew to specialize in just about all types of merchandise. Catering to high-end, low-end, and mid-range markets, we have striven to carry an abundance of items that appeal to any customer. Debbi Cohen joined the team in the early 1980s, becoming Bijan’s right-hand assistant for the creation an art empire. Bijan and Debbi took the business a step further in the late 1980s and early 1990s, introducing prop rental services for their customers.

          Evolving with the globalizing market of the 1970s, Nassi began trading across Europe in England, France, and Germany among other countries. With the growth of the market, Royal Antiques experiences an unprecedented transformation and in 1971, Bijan Royal, Inc., was officially established.

          In the prop rental business, Bijan Royal has always been handy with taking things apart and putting them back together again. We assist with stylists’ visions of what their sets should look like. With over 20 years of experience working with theatre and film, we have a strong ability to envision and structure sets in an artful manner. We have worked with theatre designers, showcasing our many options, to create the best looking set for their pieces. We assist with fashion events, fashion shoots, television, film, theatre, and a wide range of other special events.

          Today, we do business in the New York area, across the country, and abroad. We work with our customers’ budgets to assure customer satisfaction. With 30,000 sq. ft. of merchandise, our collection is truly an expanse of treasures. We have two full floors of merchandise at our storefront location on East 11th Street in Manhattan, New York as well as an off-site location that carries the remainder of our inventory. Don’t be shy and stop in to experience for yourself “the Met you can touch!”

– Bijan Nassi

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