Spot something in the Bijan Royal collection that catches your eye? We’re here to help!


uying at Bijan Royal:

All of the items in our gallery are available for direct purchase. With the guidance of our staff, we can assist you as you peruse our large selection of merchandise to find a perfect match for your home, apartment, or other furnishing desire. Feel free to inquire if you are looking for something specific. Our experience and expertise can help to realize your vision of the ideal fit. At Bijan Royal, we are happy to help and open to any questions you might have. Don’t be shy!


enting at Bijan Royal:

Searching for a temporary fix? We’ve got what you need right here at Bijan Royal. While our items are all available for direct purchase, you can also rent out items for something a little less permanent. The buying process and the renting process are almost equivalent as we tailor our search to your needs. We have rented out merchandise over the years for a variety of exciting events and performances. Much of these include (but are not limited to!) banquets, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, fashion shows, film/tv sets, and theatre sets. Our rentals services at Bijan Royal can save you thousands of dollars by keeping your purchase a temporary one!

Questions about buying or renting at Bijan Royal? Come visit our store location or call us today! (212) 533-6390